Diablo 4: Side Quests

It can take you 15 seconds or 20 minutes, maybe it starts when you pick up some loot or while talking to an NPC. You might simply need to talk to someone to finish it or descend to the darkest places of Sanctuary and face vicious enemies. Either way, is fun!

How to find Side Quests – Diablo 4

Side Quests are optional missions that you will came across constantly in your adventure. On the map, you will see the Side Quests marked with a blue exclamation sign !, but some side quest will activate, for example, when you obtain certain item.

After you accept the Side Quest, you can track the objective marked as a blue circle on the map. This will lead you to the quest’s next step. If you see blue diamonds on the map, that indicate a specific target.

Side Quests Duration – Diablo 4

Side Quests in Diablo 4 are usually shorts, most of them won’t require more than 5 minutes to be completed. That being said, you will also find Chain Side Quests, and since you will have to complete several quests in a row, it could take you up to 20 minutes to complete.

Side Quests Rewards – Diablo 4

Most of Side Quests will grant you Renown points, and that alone is a great reward for just a few minutes. But side quests will also give you extra rewards: Gold, Experience, and sometimes even special items or goodies caches.

How to Unlock Sides Quests – Diablo 4

Some Side Quests don’t need any condition to be accepted, but some of them won’t be available until you meet some condition. The most common example are the Chain Side Quests, you cannot start the next mission until you complete the previous one. New Side Quests will become available when you reach certain level, and others will be given to you by an NPC after completing a Stronhold.

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